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(a) Proposals. Proposals to adopt, amend, or repeal ordinances may be submitted to the Tribal Council or to the Tribal Council Clerk to forward to the Council, by a Council member, by any member of the Tribe, or by any person the Council requests to do so, at any regular Council meeting.

(b) Notification. After an ordinance proposal is made to the Council, the Council shall set a time for the proposal to be discussed and/or voted on. The Council shall make the proposal available to the tribal members and shall post notice of when and where the discussion about the proposal will take place. The notice shall be posted at least thirty (30) calendar days before the meeting in at least three public places in St. Paul, and may otherwise be advertised.

(c) Opportunity to Speak. All meetings in which ordinance proposals are discussed and/or voted on shall be open to the tribal membership. Tribal members shall have the opportunity to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns about the proposal as directed by the Council Chairperson.

(d) Adoption of Proposal. The President or any Council member may move to adopt an ordinance proposal. An affirmative vote of at least five Council members is necessary to adopt, amend, or repeal ordinances. Ordinances shall be adopted, amended, or repealed by vote of the Tribal Council, and documented by Council resolution. The Council shall make copies of all ordinances and amendments available to tribal members. [Certificate of Adoption passed April 22nd, 2008; 2008 Code § 1.3.3]