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(a) The St. Paul Tribal Council members, Tribal Court Judges, tribal employees, and appointed representatives are the leadership of the St. Paul Tribe and their actions are a reflection on the St. Paul Tribal Government.

(b) The purpose of this chapter is to promote responsibility of the leadership and respect by the tribal members of their government.

(c) All Tribal Council members, Judges, employees, and representatives shall follow the following guidelines outlined in this chapter.

(d) Persons who violate these guidelines may be subject to counseling by the Tribal Council, repaying per diem and meeting fees or other reimbursement, and/or removal from office or termination of employment.

(1) Removal of Council members shall only be considered for habitual and/or the most serious situations, and then shall only be carried out according to the guidelines of ATC 1.25.40(a), (b) and (c).

(2) Removal of Judges shall be considered under the guidelines of the Tribal Court Structure Code under ATC 2.10.10(h) and (i).

(e) In addition to the ethics standards set forth in this chapter, tribal employees shall follow the guidelines set forth in the St. Paul Island Tribal Personnel Policy and may be subject to termination for gross violation. [Certificate of Adoption passed April 22nd, 2008; 2008 Code § 1.4.1]