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Enrollment is the process for documenting membership for various tribal and individual purposes. Base roll members and lineal descendants are members of the St. Paul Island Tribe whether they are formally enrolled or not, and are automatically eligible for enrollment. However, the Tribe may require, by ordinance or other written guidance, formal enrollment of members over nineteen (19) for purposes such as voting, serving on the Tribal Council, or for entitlement to services under specific programs.

(a) Dual Enrollment.

(1) Dual Membership and Enrollment for Adults. Dual enrollment is not permitted for adults, those eighteen (18) years of age and older, except in the Pribilof Island Aleut Communities of St. Paul and St. George Tribe. Adults who are dually enrolled are subject to disenrollment. No person who maintains membership in another federally recognized tribe shall remain enrolled or be newly enrolled as a member of the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island unless he/she relinquishes in writing his or her membership in such other tribe.

(2) Dual Membership and Enrollment for Children. Dual enrollment is permitted for children under the age of eighteen (18). Children who are lineal descendants of members shall be tribal members even if they are not formally enrolled, and may not be disenrolled from the Tribe for any reason by anybody.

(b) Confidentiality of Enrollment Records.

(1) Secured Records. All enrollment records are confidential and shall be kept in a secured area and shall only be accessed by the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribal Council and Enrollment Committee members, except that a list of members’ names may be made available to tribal members or other parties upon approval by the Council.

(2) Special Confidentiality Arrangements. Special confidentiality arrangements may be made for individual tribal members to verify sensitive issues such as paternity, at their request. The Tribal Council may grant special arrangements upon approval by an affirmative vote of at least five Council members. Third parties used to verify information or records in these cases shall be specifically approved by the Council.

(c) Enrollment Procedures.

(1) Enrollment Committee. The Tribal Council shall designate an Enrollment Committee to oversee the enrollment procedures. The Committee shall include at least two Tribal Council members and one tribal staff person. The duty of the Enrollment Committee shall be to receive enrollment applications, review them to ensure that all necessary information is included, forward them to the Tribal Council for their consideration, and maintain enrollment records.

(2) Application for Enrollment. Application forms shall be available at the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribal Council Office. Persons wishing to apply for enrollment in the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribe shall submit applications and documentation of family lineage as descendants of base roll members to the Tribal Office.

(3) Reviewing Applications. Applications shall be reviewed for accuracy and completeness by the Enrollment Committee. If an application is incomplete, the applicant shall be contacted for additional information or documentation for determining eligibility. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide evidence of eligibility in the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribe. In general, acceptable documentation demonstrating proof of eligibility includes certified copies of birth certificates, baptismal records, paternity affidavits, adoption records, and affidavits from family members. Certified copies of birth certificates are the preferable proof; however, other documents listed may be used depending on individual circumstances. Applications may be deferred when there is a question of eligibility, and shall not be considered denied.

(4) Approval and Disapproval of Applications. Applications shall be forwarded to the Tribal Council by the Enrollment Committee. The Council may approve persons who are automatically eligible for enrollment during the regular course of Council business. Applications for adopting new persons who are not on the base roll or lineal descendants into the Tribe shall require an affirmative vote of at least five Tribal Council members and shall be considered in a meeting that shall be open to the tribal membership. In cases of enrolling persons automatically eligible for enrollment, or for adopting new persons into the Tribe, the Council has the option to defer applications if there is a question of eligibility. Applications shall be approved by resolution.

(5) Executive Session. The Tribal Council shall go into executive session for enrollment discussions if necessary to protect confidential information on enrollment applications; provided, that the person applying for enrollment or guardians of persons applying may be present.

(6) Notification. The Tribal Council, or the designee, shall notify applicants of approvals or disapprovals for enrollment. Notice of disapproval shall include the reason why the applicant was disapproved. [Certificate of Adoption passed April 22nd, 2008; 2008 Code § 1.9.4]