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(a) The Court may award all forms of relief necessary to the complete exercise of its jurisdiction, including but not limited to:

(1) Mandating supervision with the Compliance Supervision Division, submission to other Tribal Government departments, or satisfactory completion of specified programs;

(2) Money damages;

(3) Injunctions;

(4) Declarations of rights;

(5) Community service; and

(6) Such other relief as is just and proper in a particular case.

(b) The Court shall enter judgment for a party within thirty (30) days after a bench trial unless the Court certifies that additional time is necessary to take the matter under advisement.

(c) Default judgment may be entered against a respondent who does not appear, despite proper service, if the petitioner proves their case.

(d) A judgment may be issued from the bench or in a written order. [Res. 2012-24; 2008 Code § 2.5.13]