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“Appointed Elder” means the Elder appointed by the Tribal Court Judge to participate in Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin for a given case or matter.

“Elder” means any tribal member of the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island, aged fifty-five (55) and older, who is knowledgeable of Unangan culture and life on St. Paul Island.

“Person” means any individual of any age and need not be a tribal member of the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island.

“Presiding Elder” means one of the three Elders appointed to Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin selected by consensus of the three Elders to oversee the process for any given action before Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin.

“Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin” means, in the literal translation, “Island Elders Best Chosen” and is used in the Tribal Government Code to refer to the name of the panel of Elders convened for the purpose of providing resolution to the matter before the panel. [Res. 2012-40; 2008 Code § 2.8.3]