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(a) Upon the request or consent to appear before Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin by a party or respondent to any given action, the sitting Tribal Court Judges shall appoint Elders to participate in Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin. A request for participation of a specific Elder shall be made by motion of a party prior to appointment of the Elders to Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin.

(b) The number of appointed Elders sitting on a panel presiding over an action shall be three. A Presiding Elder shall be selected by consensus of the three appointed Elders for each action before Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin. Compensation for appointed Elders shall be set by the Tribal Court and shall be the same for each and every appointed Elder. Elders may repeatedly be appointed to Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin without limitation.

(c) Upon assignment of an action to Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin, as provided for in ATC 2.35.50, the appointed Elders shall convene to allow for the appearance of the respondent or parties to the action. The appointed Elders shall work with the parties to resolve the dispute or determine penalties in a manner consistent with Unangan values and principles.

(d) The appointed Elders shall be free to determine the most prudent process, format, resolution, and penalties in any given action; provided, that all determinations of Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin are consistent with the purpose of this chapter.

(e) The appointed Elders may invite any other person to participate in the matter before them, including victims, family members, community members, law enforcement, or any other person deemed relevant to the resolution of the matter. [Res. 2012-40; 2008 Code § 2.8.4]