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(a) Upon conclusion of an action before Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin, the Court Clerk shall provide a Tribal Court Judge with the transcripts within two days for disposition of the matter in accordance with this chapter.

(b) Decisions rendered from Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin are not reviewable by the Tribal Court and are final. Appearance by any person before Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin is voluntary; however, compliance with the decisions rendered from Tana{ Ludaaĝin Qimis{anangin is mandatory. Failure to comply with any decision rendered by the appointed Elders will be processed in the same manner as failure to obey a Tribal Court order, in accordance with the Tribal Government Code. [Res. 2012-40; 2008 Code § 2.8.9]