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Any person may be held in contempt of court for any of the following reasons:

(a) Disorderly or contemptuous or insolent behavior committed in immediate view and presence of any Tribal Court Judge which interrupts its proceedings;

(b) Any breach of the peace, noise, or other disturbance which interrupts the proceedings of the Court;

(c) Disobedience or resistance to any process, judgment, summons, or order lawfully issued by the Court;

(d) Misbehavior in office, or other willful neglect or violation of duty as an attorney or a Clerk, Court Administrator, Tribal Enforcement Officer, or other person appointed, elected, or hired to perform a representative, judicial, or administrative service in connection with the operation of the Court;

(e) Deceit or abuse of process of the Court by a party to a judicial proceeding;

(f) Acting as an attorney, officer, spokesman, or official of the Court without authority;

(g) Refusing to be sworn or answer as a witness; or

(h) Any other interference with the process, proceedings, or dignity of the Court or a Judge of the Court while in the performance of his official duties. [Res. 2012-26; 2008 Code § 2.9.2]