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(a) A direct contempt is one committed in the presence of the Court or so near thereto as to be disruptive of the Court proceedings, and as such may be adjudged and penalized in accordance with ATC 2.40.10 at any time subsequent to the direct contempt.

(b) All other civil contempt shall be determined at a hearing scheduled for such purpose. Notice of the hearing shall be given upon the filing of a motion for an order to show cause by any party or individual with direct knowledge of the contemptuous action. The notice shall state:

(1) The time and place for the contempt hearing, allowing a reasonable time for the preparation of the defense;

(2) The exact contempt accusations and the essential facts constituting such accusations; and

(3) The sanctions which may be imposed against the respondent. [Res. 2012-26; 2008 Code § 2.9.3]