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(a) Upon receipt of a petition, the Court shall order a hearing which shall be held no later than fourteen (14) business days from the date of the order.

(1) An order issued under this title shall be personally served upon the respondent except as provided for above in this title. The St. Paul Island Tribal Court shall designate a person (law enforcement officer, Tribal Domestic Violence Coordinator or other person) to serve the respondent personally unless the petitioner elects to have the respondent served by a private party.

(2) If service by a law enforcement officer or equivalent party is to be used, the Court Clerk shall have a copy of any order issued under this title forwarded on or before the next business day to the order server. Service of an order issued under this title shall take precedence over the service of other documents unless they are of a similar emergency nature.

(3) In the event personal service cannot be completed within five business days prior to the hearing, the Court may set a new hearing date.

(b) Service may be made by one week publication of the notice if the law enforcement officer or Court designee files an affidavit with the Court that personal service was attempted but was unsuccessful because the respondent is avoiding service by concealment or otherwise and notice was sent to the respondent’s last known address. [2008 Code § 5.1.10; Res. 2007-20]