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(a) Upon notice and after a hearing, the Court may provide relief as follows:

(1) Restrain a party from committing acts of domestic violence;

(2) Exclude the respondent from a dwelling which the parties share or from the residence, business, or place of employment of the petitioner;

(3) Award temporary custody and establish temporary visitation with regard to minor children of the parties, and restrain any party from interfering with the custody of the minor children;

(4) Order the respondent to participate in treatment or counseling services;

(5) Prohibit the respondent from transferring any property or assets except in the usual course of business;

(6) Order the party not granted custody of any minor children to pay temporary support to the custodial party; and

(7) Order other relief as the Court deems necessary for the protection of a family or household member, including orders or directives to a law enforcement officer as allowed under this title.

(b) Any relief granted by the order for protection shall be for a fixed period not to exceed one hundred eighty (180) days or six months.

(c) In providing relief under this title, the Court may realign the designation of the parties as “petitioner” and “respondent” where the Court finds that the original petitioner is the abuser and the original respondent is the victim of domestic violence.

(d) An order issued under this section shall be served under the provisions of this title except if an order entered by the Court recites that the respondent appeared in person before the Court, the necessity for further service is waived and proof of service of that order is not necessary. [2008 Code § 5.1.11; Res. 2007-20]