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The Aleut Community of St. Paul Island declares that its children are the community’s highest priority. With the goal of providing each child the environment needed to become a strong and healthy member of the community, the Tribe further declares that each child has the following rights:

(a) To receive love, attention, and emotional support from their family and from the community;

(b) To live in a home and community free of alcohol and drug abuse;

(c) To be protected from violence in the home;

(d) To be protected from inappropriate touching, including sexual abuse;

(e) To receive adequate nutrition, shelter, care and control, and health care;

(f) To receive an education;

(g) To learn the available culture, traditions, and history of the Tribe;

(h) To have good role models and to receive assistance to become good role models themselves; and

(i) To learn about the child’s responsibility towards the family and the community through the setting of boundaries for appropriate conduct. [Res. 2012-56; 2008 Code § 6.2.1]