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(a) Any person over the age of twenty-one (21) wishing to adopt a child may commence a proceeding for an adoption by filing a petition with the Tribal Court.

(b) The petition shall be signed and notarized and include:

(1) The current name, sex, date of birth, place of birth, address, and tribal affiliation of the child;

(2) The full name to be given to the child upon adoption;

(3) The name, age, address, and tribal affiliation of the petitioner;

(4) The current care and physical custody status of the child;

(5) The marital status of the petitioner;

(6) A description of any property of significant value held by the child;

(7) As to each biological parent of the child, proof of any of the following: parental consent to the adoption; that the parent is deceased; that the parent’s name does not appear on the birth certificate and the parent has not acknowledged or established paternity; or, if the parent has not consented to the adoption, that the parent’s rights have been terminated;

(8) The reasons the petitioner desires to adopt the child;

(9) The proposed inheritance guidelines for the child from both the adoptive parent and the biological parent;

(10) Any request for visitation rights by any relative or parent; and

(11) The status of other court cases in another jurisdiction involving the child, if any.

(c) The Tribal Court shall utilize the Rules of Civil Procedure, Chapter 2.20 ATC, for fulfillment of this chapter, provided such rules do not conflict with any provision in this chapter. [Res. 2012-58; 2008 Code § 6.4.2]