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(a) Appointment of Guardians.

(1) The Court shall have the jurisdiction to appoint and remove legal guardians for minors and for persons who are incapable of managing their own affairs.

(i) All proceedings in this section shall be in accordance with the procedures for civil action of this code and the rules of the Court.

(ii) The Court may appoint guardians over the property or over the person, or both, of a minor or persons determined by the Court to be incapable of managing their own affairs.

(iii) The Court shall require a report from the Domestic Violence Coordinator, Tribal Government of St. Paul Island or its designee assigned to this case or other persons designated by the Court, such as behavioral health providers, to make a report on the parties involved if the Court deems necessary.

(iv) Any guardian appointed under this section shall advise the Court by written report at least once a year, or upon request of the Court, of the actions of the guardian on behalf of the ward or of his/her estate.

(v) No guardian may dispose of any of the ward’s property without the approval of the Court in advance.

(vi) Any guardianship over the person of a minor shall automatically terminate when the ward becomes age eighteen (18), or if a female marries while under the age of eighteen (18).

(vii) Any guardianship over the property of a minor shall terminate upon application of the guardian or minor for termination to the St. Paul Island Tribal Court and the approval of the Court.

(viii) A special guardian may be appointed for the special purpose of signing deeds, contracts or other documents on behalf of the minor or a person who is incapable of managing his/her affairs. The document, to be valid, must be approved by the Court. [2008 Code § 6.5.2]