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Article I. Substantive Provisions
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The following terms are defined for the purpose of this chapter:

“Articles of incorporation” means the original articles of incorporation and all amendments thereto, including articles of merger or consolidation, and in the case of a corporation created by a special ordinance or resolution of the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribal Council, means such special ordinance or resolution and any amendments thereto.

“Board of Directors” or “Board” means the group of persons vested with the management of the affairs of the corporation, irrespective of the name by which the group is designated.

“Bylaws” means the code or codes of rules adopted for the regulation or management of the affairs of a corporation irrespective of the names or names by which such rules are designated.

“Community” means the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island.

“Corporation” means a nonprofit corporation chartered under the provisions of this chapter.

“Days” means calendar days, including weekends and holidays.

“Insolvent” means that a corporation is unable to pay its debts as they become due in the usual course of its affairs.

“Member” means one having membership rights in a corporation in accordance with the provisions of its articles of incorporation or bylaws.

“Nonprofit corporation” means a corporation of which no part of the income is distributable to its members, directors, or officers, except nothing in this chapter shall be construed as prohibiting the payment of reasonable compensation for services rendered and the making of distribution upon dissolution or final liquidation as permitted by this chapter.

“OJA Director” means the Director of the Office of Justice Administration of the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island, or such person as the OJA Director, or Tribal Council in the absence of a serving OJA Director, designates to carry out the duties of the OJA Director under this chapter, and may include such subordinate official(s) as the OJA Director designates to carry out any provisions of this chapter.

“Presenting Officer” means the designated person within the Office of the Presenting Officer responsible for reviewing and investigating potential Tribal Court claims and actions on behalf of the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribal Government, and where appropriate, bring actions on such matters in the Tribal Court on behalf of the Tribal Government.

“State” means a state of the United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any territory or insular possession subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

“Tribal” by itself or in conjunction with another word means that of the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island.

“Tribal Clerk” means the person designated as the Tribal Council Clerk and/or the Tribal Court Clerk.

“Tribal Court” or “Court” means, except where otherwise specified, the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribal Court.

“Tribal member” means an enrolled member of the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island.

“Ultra vires” means any act that is beyond the purposes or powers, express or implied, of a corporation. [Res. 2011-32; 2008 Code §]