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(a) Proceedings to terminate parental rights may be instituted in the Tribal Court by filing a petition with the Court Clerk. The Tribe, or a parent, guardian, or custodian of the child may file the petition. The petitioner shall serve a copy of the petition on the respondent, the child’s parent(s), and the child, if over the age of thirteen (13), in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure, Chapter 2.20 ATC.

(b) The petition shall state:

(1) Name, birthdate, and address of the child and tribal affiliation;

(2) The names and addresses of the child’s parent(s), guardian(s), or custodian(s);

(3) The name and address of the person with physical custody of the child;

(4) If the child is in a detention facility or other institution, the location and length of time at such location; and

(5) A brief statement of the facts and reasons supporting the request for termination of parental rights.

(c) The Tribal Court shall utilize the Rules of Civil Procedure, Chapter 2.20 ATC, for fulfillment of this chapter, provided such rules do not conflict with any provision in this chapter. [Res. 2012-57; 2008 Code § 6.3.2(1)]